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Stickersmania comes from the idea that in the age of fashion and approval there is still room for the creativity of everyone, and that the house, the shop, the car, the bike or the smartphone does not necessarily have to be equal all the other

Stickermania stands out for its design young, fresh and attentive to fashion ... just like its sticker, just like all the fans of interior design!

In this blog you will find many ideas, promotions, contests and tutorials that will give you an opportunity to personalize vostrta home or your workplace.


A sticker is the fastest, cheapest and innovative to decorate and customize your wall or your desk.

Stickersmania offers hundreds of innovative modern design at an extremely affordable price, to achieve impressive results in a few seconds!

In addition to caring for design and materials Stickersmania rethought also the function of the sticker. The line of products for the office represents a new way of conceiving the sticker as a business tool. If you are interested in personalised wall art you need to visit this site www.featurewallart.co.uk .

Stickersmania, through its broad portfolio of wall stickers, allows everyone to choose how to personalize their world.